Exterminate! The 50p Plastic Man of TIN

A new addition to the toy guardsmen alongside my 54mm homecast Man of TIN figure

I keep my eye out in charity shops like many gamers and figure collectors for stray plastic joy.



So I was delighted to spot this fine smart Guardsman, one of these Early Learning Centre type happy land people or play people, to match the pilot I already have. This pilot seriously needs a moustache.

The Guardsman was 50p, the damaged Dalek only 25p.

A little detective work on the web tracked down where my Guardsman came from – the Happy Land range from the Early Learning Centre, which is now part of The Entertainer toy stores. My Guardsman is to be found in the company of some surprisingly familiar characters. Sure I’ve seen them somewhere before.

Vaguely familiar … reminds me of something. Sure I’ve seen these people somewhere …

Vaguely reminds me of somebody and … no, it’s gone.

The everyday story of family folk …

My Guardsman crops up in this world assortment set … and a fine looking fellow he is!

75p well spent for charity!

Blog posted by Man of TIN, Happy Land March 2020.