Hobbycraft Castle Tower

Herald 54mm plastic Guardsman for size / scale

Searching for Revell Gloss Acrylic paints in Hobbycraft on my way home from work last week , I noticed the papier-mâché aisle had this interesting fort tower or section.


As I have already made a small grey stone castle kit in wood, I thought that this would be interesting in adobe / white desert (or alien planet) white.

40mm Prince August Homecast cowboys used for scale.

It should work with a variety of toy plastic or metal figures, so I included some Prince August 40mm figures I have cast and been painting up.


Whitewashed tower in a more desert setting

I could weather it and distress it, but I quite like the clean lines and simple appearance. I could have cut the two roofs sections off to make rooms inside but wanted to keep it simple and  strong.  It could equally make a kind of lighthouse or a 1930s aircraft control tower.

Whilst it wasn’t cheap at £10, it was a good buy to end a working week, perfect for a wet bank holiday.


I almost bought the papier-mâché Viking Ship as well http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/mache-viking-boat-36-cm/614504-1000

and papier-mache  houses – but resisted!


I resisted buying the ship and house because I am midway through turning a supermarket finest Christmas clementine box from last year into another fort or walled compound …

Tesco finest to desert fort …

This box is an MDF sort of ‘wood’  and has an adobe or Alamo look to it (where the top lid should slot in), especially in the corner sections. It also has a look of my much loved Airfix Foreign Legion Fort.


First a layer of white acrylic paint over peeled label and sanded outside walls. Several coats of acrylic paint will be needed.

You can see mocked up internal firing step or walls, but not sure which height yet to suit which scale of toy figure.

I’m still roughing out the internal layout – possibly a wooden coffee-stirrer barn door at one end below or incorporating the handle, and another coffee-stirrer barn door midway along one wall.

But that is for another blogpost …

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN / Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog, 2 May 2017.