42mm Irregular Artillery

Pound Store plastic 42mm  paint conversion of a WW2 figure (based on a 2p coin) next to a recently acquired 42mm Irregular Miniatures WW2 British Artillery.


Exploring the colourful 42mm pound store figures that I painted this winter,


I have been chatting on various blog posts including Tradgardmastre and CT about their 40mm to 42mm figures.

One of  the challenges is finding plastic Pound Store artillery figures and guns, and even more tricky to find cavalry.

Pound Store 42 mm or 54mm figures tend to be WW2 copies, rather than other historic periods. Conversion of plastic figures is possible for artillery crews but cavalry  and guns will probably need to be metal figures.

CT recommended looking at 42mm Irregular Miniatures


and the STS Shiny Toy Soldiers  Range available from Spencer Smith Miniatures.



Irregular Miniatures 42mm British Artillery

Recently I picked up some ready-painted 42mm WW2 Irregular Miniatures British artillerymen and some British infantry secondhand online.


Some very attractive WW2 British Home Guard figures to note for future reference.


I am tempted to paint up some 42mm plastic enemy ‘German’ figures to oppose this small British skirmish force, even though this is a return to sludge khaki grey and green. Occasionally 42mm American plastics turn up in seaside / pound store plastics. These would be as good for garden games as tabletop games.

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN on his Pound Store Plastic Warriors, 19 September 2018.