Military Unicorns of the World in Colour



It has been snowing for these Poundland plastic warriors in their camo uniforms …

An accidental typo in a previous Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog led to me writing  about and typing  Preben Kannik’s Military Unicorns of the World in Colour.


“For uniform inspiration I had by me some childhood books, namely an old Osprey Men At Arms book on ‘The Zulu War’, Preben Kannik’s Military Uniforms of the World in Colour and my trusty Ladybird ‘Soldiers’ book. 

(Good job I noticed the mistyping as Military Unicorns of the World in Colour – what a book that would be. What a great cavalry regiment or regimental mascot!)”

Full dress Military Uniform and Unicorn in Colour required here …

I meant, of course, Military Uniforms of the World in Colour …

The figures are 36mm repainted Poundland plastic “penny dreadful” warriors.

The unicorn is a 99p one salvaged from a toy box, a mini one made by Bullyland. Apart from gilding the horn (!),  I have yet to add any gold thread harness or bit, so this is a very well behaved regimental unicorn mascot with its handler.

So here is our snowy parade, our festive offering from Pound Store Plastic Warriors.  Unicorns have become very fashionable and festive over the last year or two.

I checked and the 99p unicorn is a Bullyland Good  Luck Mini Unicorn 63286 available in packs of 5 for about £5 to £6.

It has been a fun year here at Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog, finishing the year with the challenge of lots of Poundland 36mm “penny dreadful” (100 figures for £1)  plastic figure conversion ongoing, with lots still on the painting table for gaming in the New Year.

Many trips to pound stores and seaside shops throughout the year has sometimes brought fruitless searching and sometimes  the childlike joy of cheap plastic tat, ripe for conversion into gaming figures.

Many thanks to our many Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog  readers for all your  comments, conversion tips, likes and blogging company over the last year.

Wishing you all a very Merry (cheap plastic toy soldier filled) Christmas and a Happy Gaming New Year 2018. Unicorns and all …

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN 22/23 December 2017.




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