Plastic Space Figures

Around 54mm or 1:32 scale  plastic space figure back view of equipment.


Plastic space figures on a fluffy white felt planet and Donald Featherstone War Games 1962 hardback black galaxy background (the nearest black thing to hand). Photo / figures: Man of TIN



Some strange slightly furry planet …

Posted by Mr MIN Man of TIN blog, 1st September 2016


Pound Store Plastic Warriors previous blog links

imageThere are lots of interesting pound store plastic figures on previous blogposts on my other gaming blog, the Man of TIN blog:

Unusual  Conversion plans for pound store figures

Pound Store Firefighters

Pound Store Police

More police and firefighters – or space warriors, revolutionaries …


Smaller plastic figures (100 by the £1 bag!)

A quick wash before brush up …

Imagi-nations figures …

Gilt finish on pound store plastic figures

More ideas for old toy soldier paint finishes on Pound store plastics:

You’ll even find pound store accessories like palm trees!

Posted by Mr MIN, Man of TIN, September 2016.


This is the Pound Store Police!

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One of the joys of charity shop ‘lucky bags’ of plastic toys are the odd ones out.

This is where these great policeman and policewoman figures came from, possibly accompanying a vehicle set?

These could be repainted in lots of interesting ways – as police or as space police? The man has a “Dan Dare Pilot of the Future” look to him.

No maker’s marks on them.

Posted by Mr MIN, Man of TIN, September 2016.

Pound Store Pirate’s Moll

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This scary looking female comes in a set of cheap painted pirates often found in toy stores and seaside shops.

She comes with some interesting protection tucked away in her hands behind her!


This female figure could be repainted in a variety of ways to suit different periods from  17th Century pirates to Wild West and even Gothic, fantasy, vampires, steampunk and Sci-Fi scenarios.

Civilian or female figures are often hard to find in pound store plastics.

I have repainted the base colour on her face as she had some strange gothic black eye paint in her factory original paint state.

Posted by Mr. MIN, Man of TIN, September 2016.