Tankette Tuesday #1

First version Airfix US Marines and this small light US Army tin plate tank
Pound Store Plastic OO HO US Infantry Airfix copies

Tankette Tuesday came about by chance in our comments on Alan (Duchy of Tradgardland) Gruber’s occasional Flat Friday slot (of flat figures).

Everybody loves a Tankette – what’s not to love?

So occasionally on a Tuesday, I shall post the odd picture of real or model, old or new Tankettes.


Today’s Tankette #1. US Army Tank MS262

Some of you might describe this as a ‘light tank’ when used with OOHO figures rather than a Tankette, depending on the size of figures you use.

It’s all a scale thing anyway, tankettes.

These tiny modern tin clockwork little tanks or tank-ettes came from Jesters.com (originally made by blechfabrik.com) a few months ago:


These lightly armoured light tank / tankettes will be appearing on my games table at some point.


Anything else on Jesters.com, a Kent based company, while we are about it?

Yes! There is a much larger, more expensive 16.5cm length version of a tinplate M4A1 “Sherman” tank. (The accompanying text says this tinplate tank is not a toy). Difficult to get a scale idea of the Sherman without a figure alongside.


Jesters also stock traditional board games including Asalto or Sepoys and Officers, an old board game with an attractive Brimtoy board with 19th Century prints.

Asalto or “Officers and Sepoys” boardgame, a “Nineteenth Century siege game”.

You can read more about this abstract tactics game and its rules, similar to Fox and Geese, and its strange move of huffing.


I’m sure if you want to try the game out, using the Asalto rules on Wikipedia, you could rough out your own Asalto game board and suitable figure playing pieces.

So there you are, Tactics and Tankettes, all in one Tuesday post.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, Tuesday 6 July 2021

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