Pound Store Zombie Signs

49p well spent? 54mm adventurers for scale, both repaired or converted hollowcast figures.

Recent trips to local pound stores have revealed little new or useful for toy soldiers or tabletop gaming, except for a kid’s pack of Zombie warning signs stickers. Home Bargains UK store, if you want to know.

49p well spent?

The smaller Zombie signs should prove suitably atmospheric on walls and barriers for future fantasy or science fiction games, featuring my 40mm to 54mm skeletons, zombies, space marines and adventurers.

If you bought two sets,  they would also look good paired up on the side of vehicles.

Fazackerly and the Sergeant face the undead, again …
Pound Store Zombies …

Pound store zombies are available in the UK online as party bag favours, currently  about 12 for £4.


More Pound Store zombies roughly 40 – 50 mm …

Blog posted by Mark, Man of TIN on Pound Store Plastic Warriors, 12th March 2019.


Zombie Men Only?


Why no Zombie Women? Boys, you’ll just have to dance by yourselves …


“Uh Hu Hu! I’m all shook up …” Zombie Elvis impersonators
The only real disintegrating disco diva amongst the Zombie Men? 

These disco Zombies came from the same online party bag source as the More Fun for Less Fun Express Cowboys and Indians.

As you can see from the More Fun For Less packaging, these are “Zombie Men” only.

Where are the Zombie Women?

I think these smaller figures (45mm to eye line, 50mm to top of head) are probably sold as cake decorations or party bag favours for Halloween.

Few of these figures look that dead or resurrected. Most of them look like they have staggered on to the disco set of Saturday Night Fever – or possibly Thriller.

If you want some slack jawed, staggering 19th century to modern scruffy civilian men for your gaming table or model railroad, these are probably for you.

Blogposted by Mark, Man of TIN, Halloween 2018